License Updates - Harmony Gold update

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License Updates - Harmony Gold update

Postby Lanji » Fri Jul 12, 2019 4:22 pm

Hi everyone,

I didn't see a note on this but at Anime Expo last week Harmony Gold announced that they have renewed the Robotech License including the three parts that makeup Robotech including Macross. ... es/.148700

I haven't talked to much about it here, but in one of my other part-time volunteer gigs, I work with a regional Anime Convention out of Denver. We had been asked to hold off on the Robotech Convention Tour coming to the convention until late last week because they had a "huge announcement" at AX.

One of the things that surprised me is there is no time period put on the license, and while they don't come out and say anything, there is a question about other Macross IP, including Macross 7 through Delta.

Per one of the Harmony Gold folks, when it was announced the room went completely silent. They are taking that as a good thing...

Thoughts? Comments?

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Re: License Updates - Harmony Gold update

Postby InfernosCaress » Fri Jul 12, 2019 6:58 pm

Yeah, that silence is not a good thing. I am not sure that anyone wanted them to renew their contract. It is not like they have done anything with the IP lately, other than release a clipshow with, like, five minutes of new footage in it. Maybe they will finally get around to releasing the sequel to 'Shadow Chronicles'. I won't hold my breath on that front.

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