READ FIRST: General Posting Etiquette [Updated 07-06-2011]

This board is for the discussion of Anime, Macross or the Macross RPG Community in general. All discussions on this board are out of character. Please remember that the MRC has a very strict Non-Flaming, Non-Advertising, and Non-Spamming policy.

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READ FIRST: General Posting Etiquette [Updated 07-06-2011]

Postby Lanji » Mon Apr 22, 2002 3:30 am

General Posting Etiquette

The MRC is an open community, with open lines of communication. But with this openness comes a responsibility for you as a Member and Poster to the boards.

First, use common since. The members of this community range in age from 15 to 60. Please make your posts reflect that.

Second, use good grammar and spelling. No one likes to read a post that is full of mistakes. They take more time decrypting them than it's worth. That said, spelling mistakes happen, be forgiving.

Third, make your subjects match what you’re talking about. A subject that is lousy or off topic will get the topic closed faster than you can spell 'Variable Fighter'.

The MRC has a program to introduce and teach new members how to post on the community. Please take your opportunity to be a Beginhill Cadet seriously.

Crackdown in off topic / silly posts

Sorry everyone, but I'm going to start cracking down harder on silly posts, and off topic posts, and locking them.

The purpose for this board is:

1) Anime Discussions
2) Discussions about the MRC
3) Anime or the MRC
4) Video Games
5) Subjects that might interest other members of the MRC
6) Approved Ads from other RPG's

Silly Posts: I really don't mind silly posts. I occasionally will add to them. What makes me close one is when I find that it's made it to 2 pages, and over 3/4ths of the posts made on them are one-liners which make no sense!

Recycling/Restarting old threads: If your thread doesn't get a response in 5 to 10 days, don't recycle it by posting on it yourself. In addition, do not restart old threads (over year old) without first contacting and getting the permission of the original Author via Private Message. If you wish to start a new discussion on the topic of an old thread, start a new thread with your changes, and link to the old thread as part of the reference.

IF you posted an Ad, email Lanji and ask him to recycle it back to the top.

Survey's: Survey's are ok, but I'm no longer going to allow survey's based on "where are we from" because everyone has the option of looking through the Memberslist and if filled in, finding out where everyone is from.

Discussions about new games: New games can be requested on the Member Updates Board, and the question posed to all members. Before getting a new board, you must have enough players to fill a majority of the slots you plan to have open.

My main idea here is this: I'm trying to promote 'real' discussion, not a ton of one liners.

Official stance on FANSUBS

"The MRC neither condones nor supports the fansub mentality of Japanese animation. The MRC will not assist in any direct way this practice. Furthermore, posts containing information related to the distribution, or logistics of fansubbing, digisubbing, scanlations, or any similar technology will be edited and/or closed and/or deleted as soon as a staff member is available to do so."

- Lanji (GM)

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